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Jual Thamplate Movie Wordpress Dan Data base FilM
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HorasPlay is the most ideal theme for movies and series contents. It has a variety of tools and settings which you can configure on PsyPlay Option Framework. It has all the things you needed to personalize your site without having to change the codes. PsyPlay is a completely responsive theme and is SEO optimized. This theme also has a powerful tool that generates huge amount of contents. PsyPlay’s JS & CSS files are all minified and has an option to minify the HTML output of your site as well which could help you increase your site’s speed.

HorasPlay Key Features

  • Child Theme
  • Flat, Clean & Modern design.
  • Responsive design , adaptable to almost any resolution.
  • Adapted for SEO
  • AddThis social buttons
  • Night Mode Theme Switcher
  • Default Theme Mode selector (Light or Dark) *new*
  • Theme Color Scheme Changer (Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Pink) *new*
  • Splash Image & Button (like gomovies) *new*
  • Pre-Made Style Changer ( Style) *new*
  • Live Search *new*
  • Hoomepage Search *new*
  • Request Page *new*
  • Featured Slider
  • Latest News/Articles
  • Article & Movie Linker.
  • Notice on First Visit. Cookie based.
  • Homepage Modules: Latest Movies, Latest TV-Series, Latest Episodes
  • Post Types: Articles, Movies, TVShows, Episodes.
  • Theme Options – Total control framework .
  • IMDb / TMDb API. Content / Data Generator
  • Episodes Generator.
  • Download Tables: Download links, Watch Links, Subtitle Links
  • Easy translation. Compatible with My WP Translate .
  • Ads Complete Management
  • User System: My Profile, My Favorites, Update Profile
  • Settings for Facebook APP to edit comments.
  • HTML Minifier & Minified JS & CSS files .
  • Turn off Lights
  • Report Content.
  • Favorites.
  • WP-PostRatings.
  • WP-PostViews.
  • Top Contents – Top IMDb, Top Rating, Most Viewed, Most Favorite.
  • Related content
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Custom registration form and login.
  • Modal Login / Registration / Reset Password
  • Security check on all forms.
  • reCaptcha on forms.
  • Ads – Fake Player.
  • Ads- Fake Buttons.
Screean Shots

PsyPlay Options
(click to enlarge image)
This is where you can edit all the options & settings available for psyplay theme. From contents, api, comments, ads & code integrations.

Movie Content Editor
(click to enlarge image)
Content editing panel for the Movies section

TVSeries Content Editor
(click to enlarge image)
Content editing panel for the TV-Series section

Episode Content Editor
(click to enlarge image)
Content editing panel for the Episodes section

Article Content Editor
(click to enlarge image)
Content editing panel for the Articles section

Untuk Harga Thamplate Ini Di Jual 10 $ Unlimited Domain
dan Jika kalian Ingin sekalian Data base Film dari 10 $ juga :-D

Dunia nyata itu kejam dan penuh dengan sandiwara. Dunia khayal itu menyenangkan dan sesuai dengan keinginan

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